Fighting for Progress for All




Youth and Public Education

I want to ensure that every child has access to education starting by passing policies that support free early childhood education. I have first-hand experience in seeing how quality education and opportunities could change children's lives. Our children need opportunities and holistic support to succeed in schools and life. Earlier in my life, I didn’t get an opportunity for education until I was 16 years old. After immigrating to the United States and starting my education journey as a 9th grader, I took advantage of every opportunity that was presented to me. That is why I want to fight for culturally relevant and high quality schools. Our children and youth need to learn and know their identity and they also need high quality education to compete with their peers and succeed in the future. I will also fight for programs to diversify classroom teachers in order to bring a broader perspective to our children’s education.

Small Businesses

Our community is built because of hard working community members who start and run small businesses everyday. It has been difficult for many of our communities, particularly, our small businesses owners in 62A. I have seen more small businesses closed or moved out of this community and it is heartbreaking when our community members work so hard to start a business and can’t sustain them due to lack of support. I have heard stories of small businesses owners who are still facing difficulties to run again after they were destroyed in 2020. While I do not have a business background, I have a big heart, time to listen, and I will fight to put the concerns and voices of the community into legislation.

Ending Gun Violence

Guns shouldn’t be the number one cause of death in America. It is a shame and unacceptable for our communities to experience devastating news after another. I firmly believe that Gun Violence should be a national public health issue and limiting accessibility to guns in our community will reduce the hate crimes or any other crimes that are taking place in our communities. A majority of residents of 62A are of color and New Americans and we know our communities are facing targeted hate crimes. We cannot just sit down and just debate this issue. As your representative, I will walk with you when we have to and I will work hard to find solutions and will champion legislation that ends gun violence.

Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

It is important for us to have a Representative committed to learning about and understanding the experiences, backgrounds, and needs of the diverse residents in our district and to end profiling and discrimination in all forms. Just a few examples are: We need to open conversations about reparations for indigenous people and descendants of slaves. This could include, but is not limited to, educational opportunities, psychological rehabilitation, debt cancellation and/or formal apologies. Unequivocally, we need to find ways to welcome New Americans and community voices. We need a leader that will initiate activities and projects that will bring our communities strengths together and I am asking your support to be that leader.


Health care is a human rights issue. Everyone should have access to the care they need to live a healthy life. I will fight for universal healthcare and push for our state to invest in preventative care and mental health. I support a single-payer system in which no one is turned away from health care because they cannot afford insurance.

The opioid crisis is one specific health issue affecting our community. I will work across parties, with colleagues on the federal level, and with experts on the issue to push for increased resources for pain management, overdose treatment, and addiction mitigation. I will advocate for innovative solutions to this crisis, including research partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and Universities. I will support resources for culturally specific clinics to treat and educate the people who are most affected.

Bettering Our Democracy

I am passionate about ensuring that underrepresented voices are heard. Even before I could vote myself, I volunteered to increase voter turnout among non- traditional voters. In a 21st century voting system, it is inexcusable to disenfranchise members of our community who have the right to participate in our democracy. I will work to ensure that new and underrepresented communities have the resources, including proper interpretation services, to practice their duty of voting in our democracy. I will work with the community and organize continuously and would never take my community’s vote for granted.

My Commitment

I will push for investing in community building initiatives, after school programs, cross-cultural projects that increase understanding, and opportunities to make genuine connections. When people know and connect with their neighbors, communities are safer, youth are more likely to succeed in school, more residents have access to better job opportunities, quality of life increases, and people are more likely to organize for change. I want to build these bridges and lead us to fight for progress together.